Walk the haunted backstreets of Sheffields city guided by Mr. P. Dreadful

We run three weekly ghost tours, each day with a different route, and stories, as well as our monthly Historical Crime and Murder Tour where you've no need to book, just turn up and join us! For more info on these, see below.

Ghost Tours

Whichever day you choose to join us, you will be treated to a unique journey through the darker side of Sheffield, and you won’t hear the same story twice.We research each and every story we include to meet our standards and DON'T rely on friend of a friend accounts - see our FAQ for more info.

Monday Tour - 7.30pm, Town Hall Steps

The tales on this tour are our classic ghost stories, the ones that never seem to get old, that always have a good reception no matter what the age of the audience. Family friendly and suitable for all ages.

Wednesday Tour - 7.30pm, Town Hall Steps

This tour is one for the harder stomached listener, several of the stories on this route are of a more gruesome nature. We give you fair warning about this mixture of gruesome and ghoulish. We use this tour to tell the most gruesome tales, the darkest we have. So be warned, this one is not for the faint hearted or easily upset. This tour finishes outside The Dove and Rainbow at Hartshead Square.

Thursday Tour - 7.30pm, Town Hall Steps

Our last regular weekly offering has a mixture of humourous and traditional tales of the Campo Lane area of the city centre of Sheffield. We touch upon the history and creatures that haunt the darker hours of the city. Not as dark as Wednesday night but filled with tales that will chill your blood still.


The prices for all of our public tours are £5 Adults, £4 Student/OAP's (proof needed) and £2.50 for a child under the age of 13. 


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