Walk the haunted backstreets of Sheffields city guided by Mr. P. Dreadful

Mr & Mrs P Dreadful are now available for a variety of private talks, covering such diverse subjects as Myths, Folklore and Funereal Rites and Practices.

Please see below for details.

Talks available:

Ghost Talk - We come to you and discuss the ghostly goings on in Sheffield - and where we have stories local to your area, we can include these as well - something we cannot do in our city centre walks!

Funereal Rites and Myths - A talk looking into the rites and folklore surrounding all things death and burial related - this talk is a firm favourite with our elder folk! 

Fairy Tales and Folklore - Putting the GRIM back into Grimm's tales  - this talk looks at popular myths and folklore, and gets back to the original stories.... if you think you know about Santa Claus, then think again!  

We have other talks we can offer as well - so if this is something you're interested in, please contact us.  


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