Walk the haunted backstreets of Sheffields city guided by Mr. P. Dreadful

In addition to our regular tours, we also have other tours we are able to offer, either from time to time, when demand allows, or by request. We're also aware that not everyone is able to get in to the city centre, or are looking for something a bit more different, and we can come to you!

Other Tours Available

Architecture Tours

Let Mrs J Dreadful take you to see the city as you haven’t seen it before. This is a tour which takes a unique view of the city of Sheffield, taking in the landmarks of Surrey Street and the environs of Norfolk Street, finally finishing on Fargate. The history of Sheffield is laid out in bricks and mortar and the language of architecture is something that has been sadly lost. This tour gives you a chance to read the city you live in and to learn the hidden secrets of the buildings you pass every day.

Questions are encouraged, but due to time restraints may not always be answered on the spot!

This tour can be booked for private groups, schools, students or just interested people, please contact us if you’re interested! The cost is the same as one of our ghost tours, and we can also cater for private and corporate clients.

Pubic Dates There are no further public tour dates this year but if you wish to book a tour with Mrs J Dreadful please contact us.

Dark History Tour - this tour is currently in development, and looks at some stories we can't fit in to other tours as they are just too dark, or that bit out of the way...
Anarchist Tour - another tour currently in development, looking at exactly what is stated!

We will let you know as soon as these are available to book.

Talks available:

Ghost Talk - We come to you and discuss the ghostly goings on in Sheffield - and where we have stories local to your area, we can include these as well - something we cannot do in our city centre walks!

Funereal Rites and Myths - A talk looking into the rites and folklore surrounding all things death and burial related - this talk is a firm favourite with our elder folk! 

Putting the GRIM back into Grimm (and other) Folk and Fairy Tales - this talk looks at popular myths and folklore, and gets back to the original stories.... if you think you know about Santa Claus, then think again!  

We have other talks we can offer as well - so if this is something you're interested in, please contact us.  


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