Walk the haunted backstreets of Sheffields city guided by Mr. P. Dreadful


Crime And Murder Tours

Our Crime and Murder Tour is BACK! Reworked and researched again for more gruesome detail and horrors. These events are over 18's only and we expect you to be terrified at the end of it.

Keep your eyes peeled for the first dates, you won't want to miss out!

Each one starts at the Sheffield Cathedral and costs £5 per person, please dress for the weather when you join us.

April 21st 2019 - Our first tour of the year, come and experience the dark history while the nights are still light!

June 16th 2019 - Our second tour which is near the summer solstice, if you don't like the dark this is probably the one for you!

August 18th 2019 - Our third of the year, a chance to catch a sultry night that will fill your dreams with more than you ever thought!

November 17th 2019 is our last date of the year, so please dress for the winter weather.

As with all tours we suggest you dress for the weather as Sheffield can be unpredictable at times.




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