Walk the haunted backstreets of Sheffields city guided by Mr. P. Dreadful

Steel City Ghost Tours began in 2005, and is now in it’s tenth year of scaring residents of Sheffield with the stories of Sheffield’s darker history. Over that time new stories have been discovered, researched and added, older stories retired, and we have grown in popularity to be known internationally.

Mr P Dreadful is the man behind the top hat,  

and not much is known about his history -it is rumoured that he simply appeared from the fog nine years ago.

Many people think they've managed to spot him in daylight but no-one is entirely sure.

Whilst it is known that Mr P Dreadful is a bit of a rogue and known as a man of mystery, it's been said that he's had several dealings with supernatural beings.

It's also been rumoured that he's cut a deal with several Pre-Christian deities to gain the ability to tell the tales of the unusual and paranormal happenings of Sheffield.

Over the years Mr Dreadful has seen several of the ghosts on tour, including a run in with a ghost that talks to people in the daytime. Even his upbringing wasn't normal, having seen several entities as a child it took him a while to realise that what he was talking to, others couldn't see.

You may sometimes see Mr P Dreadful accompanied by Mrs J Dreadful, when she isn’t busy behind the scenes or dealing with her own clients. For more information on Mrs J Dreadful, and her work, please visit her website here.

So as you gather together and approach Mr P Dreadful, keep a watchful look on where his gaze drops and lingers. Maybe it's something normal or could it be something unseen to you, but visible for those who travel in the darkest places of Sheffield. For there are more things than ghosts wandering around the back streets of our fair city….

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